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About us

‘When I grow up, I want to be an accountant.’

That's not a phrase you hear very often, if at all. But looking at ways that we can work together as a team to grow your business and achieve your objectives really does excite us. We love it and we wouldn’t swap our jobs for the world. So if you’re starting, growing or saving your business, contact us. We will help you to free up your time and improve your bottom line.

Our people

There’s no ‘I’ in team. Or in Naylor Lawrence for that matter.
Consider our people to be your people and we’ll work together to get your business to where it needs to be.

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Our history

We’re not going to bore you with details. NLA was born out of the international firm PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2001. John Naylor, Michael Lawrence and Linda Gray recognised that businesses needed a more locally focused accountancy firm.

They continued to surround themselves with the best people to offer a full range of services to grow and nurture businesses. It has worked, because today, NLA is one of the largest accountancy firms in the region. If you really want to know more about our history, why not call in to see us?

Our approach

Fit is a word that is bandied around quite a lot at Naylor Lawrence. We use it to refer to the health of our business, our clients’ businesses and our staff. But more importantly, a good fit is what we look for in our relationships.

You have to be happy that we are a good fit for you. Like a good tailor, we take our top quality product, then make alterations to fit with your needs. As your business grows, we may have to add, remove or change things a little - all the time ensuring that your business is suited and booted and ready to go.

Our community

They say money makes the world go around. Actually we think it’s people. And people with money can do a lot of good. We like to get involved with groups and individuals in our community, because building a strong community is good for everyone - including your business.


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Join team NLA

You won’t find job listings here. Unusual we know. But there again, we are not your usual accountancy firm. Think about what we offer our clients - we tailor our wide range of services to their needs. Likewise, we prefer to find skilled people, with the right attributes to fit with our team and then tailor roles to suit them. Being picky and having a strong mix of talent, stops us from becoming stagnant.

We offer a good variety of work in a brilliant atmosphere with professional support and continuing education.

You will learn and use the latest technologies, including the multitude of software packages that our clients use. So if you believe that you will fit nicely at Naylor Lawrence, then contact us.