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Faster GST refunds

It is now compulsory for IRD to provide GST refunds by direct credit - resulting in faster GST refunds!

Obviously it is important that Inland Revenue has your correct banking details. If you would like us to confirm they have your current account details please let us know.

From here on, Inland Revenue will only make GST refunds by cheque if they do not have a customer's bank details or if there are extenuating circumstances, such as hardship.

Closure Dates for Easter

The office is closed from Friday 14 April and will reopen on Wednesday 19 April. Happy Easter!

Minimum Wage Increase

Changes start from 1 April 2017. Read more for further details.

Tax Calendar

Important dates and deadlines for your diary. Please talk to us if you have any questions.

New GST Online Filing

The first steps towards simplification lie in this new option.

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Important Stuff

Can we or can't we? That is the question.

No one really likes to complete questionnaires and we know that asking you to fill out one or more of ours is about as welcome as an IRD inspection. They do have purpose though. They provide information for us to help you as well as giving your authority for us to request information from third parties if necessary. If you complete these for us, it means we can get on with helping you efficiently. Without the relevant information, we can't.

If something is not relevant to you, simply indicate this by entering 'N/A'. If you get stuck, contact us and we will be very happy to help.


If you’ve hit the wall with your accounts package, one of us may ask you to come here and use TeamViewer. It’s a small download, which allows us to share your screen to help you navigate your way through your accounts or your accounts software.

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