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Fine tuning

Fine Tuning. And growing pains.

With you, it's all about SME. Business is going well and you're looking to grow. But growing can create its own pains and it is important that it is done well. And that means planning by looking at things such as

  • The financial information and management reports you’ll need
  • The KPIs to measure, and how to gather the information required
  • How you can improve profitability and the key factors affecting it
  • Why you are making a taxable profit, but still struggle to pay tax, creditors and bank loans
  • Assessing your business and planning for sale, succession or exit
  • Benchmarking your business against others of a similar size in your industry
  • Gaps in your business operation, which, if filled will make a better business.

 Let's work together to ensure that your business grows in the right way and try to avoid the business equivalent of that 'awkward teenage' stage.

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