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Paddock to profit

Rural is our field. Talk to us and open the gate to success for your farming enterprise.

Townies don't understand rural. That may or may not be true, but we're not all townies. Actually there's a huge amount of rural experience in our office, not least through John and Michael themselves, who have both been judges in the New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards and closely involved in MAF farm monitoring programmes for dairy and beef. We can apply insight and credibility to rural businesses through:

  • Specialist rural tax knowledge and planning
  • Business structures, including Companies, Trusts and Partnerships
  • Dairybase benchmarking
  • Financial recording systems, including appropriate computer programs
  • Budgeting and cashflow projections
  • Succession and estate planning

Try us. John or Michael will be pleased to give you a free one hour consultation to show you how suits and gumboots can mix.

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