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Starting out

Ready. Aim. Fire. Three words that may help your start up.

Ready. Aim. Fire. Three words that may help you start your business. 90% of new start-ups fail. And many of them because they start firing before they are ready and have adjusted their aim.

Before you buy or set up a business from scratch, we have a team of experts able to get you ready by answering questions like:

  • Have you prepared a business plan and budget? Is it going to be profitable? Is it viable?
  • Should you operate as a sole trader, a partnership, a company or a trust? 
  • What type of record keeping system is best for you?  Should you use a computerised cashbook or software such as Banklink, Xero, Cash Manager and MYOB. How will you prepare your GST returns?
  • Will you be employing staff?  How about employment agreements, job descriptions, recording and paying PAYE?
  • Do you need ACC cover? What about income protection insurance?

So before you start firing, work with us to get ready and set your aim. Together we'll give your startup the best shot at being one of the successful 10%.

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